Russian history of Finland

This site is devoted to a project on the history of Finland through
the lives of Russian Finns for the last 300 years:
you will find video interviews with the participants of this project, their photos,
archived materials and other useful information

The project of the Finnish Association of the Russian-Speaker’s organizations is an attempt to preserve history and enable new generations to learn about the unique experience of predecessors on how to integrate into Finnish society while preserving their cultural and language identity. We need this knowledge as the foundation for building our lives at present and to pass it to our children.

The aim of the project is to create audio-visual documents about the Russian diaspora’s presence and ways of life in Finland over a span of almost 300 years: how did Finland’s Russians preserve the language, traditions, and culture for all those years, and how did they transfer those skills to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Russian Finns have made a significant cultural (theater, ballet, art and literature), economic and historical contribution to their country. They are the history of Finland. Through their lives, we can follow development of Finland since the mid seventeenth century. One of the target groups for this project is the Russian-speaking youngsters living in modern Finland. From our point of view, they should benefit from learning the history of Russian Finland and the history of the Russian language in this country. This is extremely important for us today and for our future. Language is the bridge between the past and the present and from the past to the future. That is why the experience of the participants of the project is extremely valuable to all of us.

Several conclusions:

1. We shall not forget our history and past experiences of our communities because it is the foundation for our future.
2. Most of the young people become interested in their roots and history too late such that often there is nobody to tell them about it.
3. Preservation of language is important for individual people and for the entire Finnish society at present and in the future.
4. The history of the Finland’s Russians is the history of Finland.

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